A whole entire school year,

Come and gone.

What happened to the time?

Has it really been so long?


It seems that just yesterday

I moved in to the dorms.

Felt so nervous and anxious

Starting my new life.


I have grown and matured.

I have learned new things.

I have struggled and fallen

I have succeeded and strived.


 A whole entire school year,

Can you believe its true?

It’s time to go back home

And take a break from school.


I have had the time of my life

This first year at school.

Life has changed for the better.

I can’t wait for next year!


Wake up in the morning

Roll out of my bed.

Walk into the bathroom

Run into the stall door

Ouch, I hit my head.


I scrub my face with soap

Brush my teeth too

Put on some deodorant.

Throw my hair up in a ponytail.

Spread a little hair goo.


I’m ready for the day.

Backpack on my back.

Ready for class

And ready for practice.

I even packed my snack.


So off I go to classes

Oops I forgot my glasses.

Run to the room

Grab them and zoom

Today is going to be a long day.

I remember.

I remember when I was little.

When did gymnastics for the new leos.


I remember

I remember as I grew older

I began to understand the sport better.


I began to understand that it could be dangerous.

Flipping around the way we do could cause some serious damage.

But I still loved it.


I became more fearful

Of all the difficult and crazy skills.

Flying around in the air became less appealing to me.


But I still wanted it.

More than anything in the world.

To be on a big, important team.


I love my crazy sport

Even though I get scared sometimes.

I will always be happy to say, I have been a gymnast for a very long time!

I write at the top of blank page,

“Dear Journal,” but what does that mean?

A piece of paper isnt a person,

but I tell it all of my feelings.


The pen against the paper,

gliding like an ice skater across the page

leaving marks that become words

the words that are deep inside my heart.


Why do I write to my journal?

Why don’t I just say, “Dear Myself?”

The silly things we do to trick our minds

and make us feel better about ourselves.


The page I see, now full with words

My life story from deep in my heart

all written out in a simple book.

My journal, my life, my story.

The audience files into the theater.

Filling up every seat.

Its a full house tonight.


The dancers backstage

Preparing to show what they’ve been working on.

The opening night jitters have begun.


The audience quiets down

as the lights dim

the show has begun!


As all the performers file behind the curtain,

the stage lights begin to shine

and the curtain rises.


Another opening night has begun

Perform your best and have some fun!

Warm, Sun Rain, Snow, Cold.

Brockport weather is so strange.

Is it really Spring?

It hurts to smile

Because my smile is a lie

I smile so no questions get asked.


It hurts to cry

Because crying is so true

I cry myself to sleep with no one looking.


It hurts to think

Because all I think of is pain

All the pain I have buried deep inside.


It hurts to sleep

Because I have dreams of happiness

I wake up and the happiness is gone again.


I hurt all around

My whole body aches

I can’t remember the last time I was fine.


I tell everyone I’m fine

And they don’t even notice.

As soon as I turn around, I cry.


I have evil thoughts.

I feel the depression taking hold.

I want things to go back to normal.


Tell me you notice

That I haven’t been myself

And help me out of this deep, dark hole.